Legal Agent Agreement

This is an agent agreement for all those agents which are working under this company. Every agent must follow the agreement in order to be a member of this company. All points that are covered under agent agreement are mentioned at this page. You must read the entire agreement very carefully.

KYC Procedure

Know Your Customer (KYC) is very important thing in India. As per government directives, it is said that any company which is dealing to cash flow has to force their consumers for kyc process. There are some services that will not be available for any consumer until and unless the consumer did not complete the kyc procedure. Services like Aadhaar Enabled Payments System (AEPS), Bharat BillPay (BBPS), Payout are not allowed to be used by any consumer until kyc is not completed. We have the authority to reject or demand for rekyc for a consumer.

Users Information

Information which we collect from user/consumer is very sensitive because it consists personal, identity, and bank details. These information are kept in secure places in our database. We highly ensure that these data should not be used by us except while doing KYC. We also do not share these information with any third party as well. We collect these information only for KYC purpose only and only.

Wallet Viewing

If you are a parent users of a child user then you have this option to view wallet summary for that child users only for the child user work purpose not for any other like harassment, taunting, blackmailing and more. If company found you doing such thing then your account will be suspended permanently.

Services Related

We are providing you the payouts in the name of Money Transfer. However, it is not a money transfer it is payouts which you can use for your wallet settlement not to transfer money to any third party account. If you did, then you are liable for your own violations / mistakes which is not permitted by RBI Guidelines.

In some cases, money got stuck for long time under pending status. Thus, for that you do not have to panic. There is a wait time approximately 24 hours to 48 hours. If still no resolution then drop and email or call us for information. If you will do it before the time period then we will not be able to update the status for you.

TDS & GST Related

As per government norms, we apply 18% of GST on all Payout transactions. As well as, we apply 5% of TDS on all commission-able services like AEPS, Recharges and more. The commission which we are getting in our company is excluded with this 5% of TDS. The payout transactions are included of 18% of GST. You will be able to claim 5% of TDS at every 3 months using your PAN card.


All legal documents such as Terms, Privacy, Agreement and more are subject to be changed at a scheduled period. Whenever these documentations will be updated then you will be notified over email or at the news section under the webapp.

We have all rights to take action on your account if we found you not compiling with our terms or agreement or any use case.

We have all rights to file a complaint against you and take all necessary actions if we found anything suspicious that proves you as a fraud person. We don’t have guarantee any transaction over the website or mobile application. If something wrong is happened from your end then we are not responsible to refund any kind of amount to your virtual wallet.

As per the Indian Judiciary, we have all rights to file a complaint against you if we found you defaming our company in any manner.

As a gentleman, this is your responsibility to talk gently with our support representative over phone call and email conversation. If we found you against this then we can take legal action against you.

Customer relationship is upto you, we are not a part of that. This means if you will do anything wrong to your customer then whole responsibility will be on your shoulder. We are not a part of the bad conversation or misbehave done by you with your customer.