Legal Refund Policy

This refund policy is applicable for all services offered at Ayvids (website and app). Refunds are totally dependent on the type of service which client / customer / user / agent / etc is using. Some service are strictly non-refundable like recharge, payout, etc. However, some of them are refundable like nsdl, pan card, paam, etc.

Third Party Refunds

We have some third party partner as well to boost our services like funds, payout, recharge, etc. If you will need any type of refund for these types of service then we will not be able to provide any kind of refund to you or any third party company / organization as well. These types of refunds are strictly prohibited at our organization. However, if you are an organization then we can only provide you the un-utilized amount from the customer / user / agent / etc.

Claim Refund

If you are applicable for refund and want to claim your refund for some particular service, then you need to contact us in order to provide some evidence of using some service so that we will observe it and will provide a proper refund to you as soon as possible.


If we found anything wrong or suspicious in your account (if you are a user / customer / client) then we will provide your account details with other authorized organization as well like bank / government / our sponsors. However, if you are our sponsor then if you will deduct our amount on behave of our customer who is having some fraud transaction then we will surely take legal action on the same because we are a service provider not consumer.